Aleluya Honey is the most chosen and preferred by Argentine families. Since 1987 Aleluya Honey is commited to quality with hard work and professionalism in the beekeeping heart of Argentina seeking to reach the whole world. Aleluya is located where the oldest mountains in the world meet the heart of Argentina's Pampas, a blessed region for honey production.

Our plant, located in the sierras of Tandil, heart of the apicultural area of Argentina, has the most modern and advanced equipment in Latin America. This unique situation guarantees us an adequate traceability of all our products and puts us in a privileged position to meet the growing demand for honey from around the world.

We guarantee a world class product of excellent quality as a result of the careful selection of the best honey in compliance with the most demanding procedures throughout the entire process.

Aleluya is made with honey from hives placed in the sierras of Tandil and its surroundings, in the heart of the largest apicultural area of Argentina, offering you a honey of unique quality, flavor and purity.